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Let's get down to business.

Your Business.

Step by step coaching to a profitable salon & beyond

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Transform & maximise all aspects of your business

You've invested your time, your money and much of your life in your business.


Your dedication can be rewarded and your future secured by the Salon Success Toolkit, a training manual that details the framework and practical implementation of profitable hairdressing business systems.

Thomas Jaeger is a 45 year veteran of the industry. He is a skilled mentor and coach who can get your business on the right track.

Thomas' formula for success is encapsulated in his Salon Success Toolkit, a learning program that can optimise every aspect of your business.

What's in the Toolkit?

Salon Success Toolkit is a 10 Week One on One Coaching Package with Thomas Jaeger


Over the course of 10 weeks, we will analyse, strategise and monitor all aspects of your salon.

This includes:

10 Hours One on One Skype Coaching

200 Page Salon Toolkit Manual

Performance Measurement & Reporting


We focus on these eight modules to lead you to continual & ongoing success
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if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn how to strategically think ahead so your business can grow.

Icons Salon Toolkit-02.png


If you don’t set targets, how can you achieve your goals? I'll teach you how to plan achievable targets.


Learn how to bring structure to your business so you can streamline effort and increase profits.

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You cannot do it on your own. Everybody needs help from talented staff who can sail the ship in your absence. People who know how to achieve your goals, including the managers you hire.

Asset 2.png


Learn how to create the right framework to monitor your business progress so everybody and everything works smoothly.

Icons Salon Toolkit-03.png


Explore the way we do it and learn how to create a successful business culture.

Asset 4.png


Does the world know you are open for business? Learn the smartest ways to spread the word.

Asset 1.png


I'll teach you how to make money and how important it is to use that money wisely and strategically for your business.

Experience a truely profitable & enjoyable business

Now, more than ever, managing a hairdressing business means to need to juggle a lot of different issues, and keeping on top of everything is a real challenge.

Let Thomas' over 40 years of salon experience guide you in building a profitable and enjoyable salon business.


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Thomas Jaeger with Winn Claybaugh

As heard on
MASTERS by Winn Claybaugh

Here is some feedback from business owners I have helped so far.

Elisabeth Stilsano - Owner - Eclectic St

Elizabeth Stillisano

Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

Thomas Jaeger's coaching & book The Salon Success Toolkit completely helped me turn my salon around and gave me the skills necessary to be able to run a successful salon.

Thomas helped me unlock the money in my business by teaching me how to do many things including properly calculating my break even figure & helped me evaluate my pricing structure properly.

Elizabeth Stillisano

Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

Elizabeth Stillisano

Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

Thomas really helped me to look at my business in a simplified and streamlined way.



Claire Hair Boutique


Claire Hair Boutique Logo.png

With Thomas' help, I was able to view my business from a totally new perspective.

Fleur Bourne


Hair By Appontment

Mosman Park

FB Hair by appointment-Full-Logo.png
Thomas' direct approach in waking up business owners is why they are in business today.

Greg Higgs - Davines

Pure Juuce Haircare

I have known Thomas professionally for some 30 years and in an industry which goes through many ups and downs, the one thing that has remained constant, when others have been failing is his business expertise.


In a suburb, that is in the top end market, there have been some 32 businesses that have sold or closed on numerous occasions, while he has still been open. His sound business nuance has allowed him to succeed, where many others have failed.


Having had clients exposed to his Business Manual, they have all said, that because of his very direct approach in "waking them up" as to why they are in business, not only has he saved them money, but made a valuable change to their bottom line. I urge all salon owners to embrace what he has to offer and take the challenge in using him. He will make a difference to your business. I highly recommend him.


Yours In Hairdressing

Greg Higgs - Davines

Pure Juuce Haircare


Salon Business Coach

I have been in the hairdressing industry for almost 50 years and worked for many different organisations and businesses.


My career started in Germany at the age of 14 as a hairdressing apprentice and I was fully qualified when 17 years old. A year later my hair styling was photographed and published in German and French magazines. When I turned 19 I moved from the Black Forest to Cologne where I worked in a salon on weekdays and as a hairdressing teacher on weekends, providing hair styling lectures as an industry educator.


In 1980 I migrated to Sydney and a year later relocated to Melbourne where I managed a hairdressing salon for 12 months, developing staff training systems and marketing direction for a chain of six salons employing 30 staff.


Over the next two years I worked in Queensland where I managed a hairdressing chain with four branches and 15 staff, tripling their turnover in less than a year through a system of target setting and staff rewards.


After a year in South Australia as a salon manager, in 1986 I settled in Perth where I managed two different metropolitan salons before opening my own business, Jaeger Hair Design, in Claremont. Nine years later I sold my business but immediately opened an identical salon, also in Claremont. In 2000, I opened a salon in South Perth and sold it five years later.


My Claremont hairdressing salon continues to operate and has been enjoying a customer turnover increase of 10% per annum. I have experimented with and fine-tuned different business ideas, systems and procedures since the 1970s, perfecting techniques which allow my salon to work with minimal personal input.

Your step by step guide to a successful salon

You've invested your time, your money and much of your life in your business. Your dedication can be rewarded and your future secured by the Salon Success Toolkit.

Start your journey to a profitable business now!

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